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Message from Corporate Communications Team

The council has a wide ranging campaign underway to provide advice for those residents (and businesses) who require support with the rising cost of living.

Called Help With Costs, the campaign has sought to pull together advice and information on a number of key areas. These areas can be broken down into energy (business and residential), benefits/financial support and help with school costs. Work to target key audience groups has already begun and officers from several services have helped develop the content.

A leaflet and business card has been created and are both available within public reception areas (Libraries, Partnership Centres, Civic Centre). We also provided a QR code to scan in Bulletin, which householders are encouraged to keep and check regularly.

However, given the ever changing landscape, our main focus is to drive customers to the online Information Hub. This will be updated as and when required and will aim to capture the advice and support that is being provided by the council, partners and national bodies.

Cost of Living Hub West Lothian - West Lothian Council

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